May 1, 2023

DMCA Takedown Service BookDefender

As an author, having control over your book’s search results is vital to its success. So, when you discover that some of the search results for your book have been removed due to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) requests, it can be quite unsettling. This is especially true if you never made any such requests, and the book is yours. So, why would this happen, and what can you do about it? In this post, we’ll explore DMCA requests and their impact on your book’s search results.

To understand DMCA requests, we must first define what it is. The DMCA is a US copyright law that criminalizes the distribution of copyrighted material online. It is to protect the rights of copyright holders and prevent piracy. Under the DMCA, copyright holders can file requests with search engines to remove links to web pages that infringe on their copyrighted material. As an author, this means that if someone has uploaded your book illegally online and you know where it is, you can request for the search engine to remove links to the pages that host the pirated copy.

If you never sent any DMCA requests, then it’s possible that your publisher or agent filed the requests without notifying you. In some cases, publishers and agents file DMCA requests on behalf of authors, especially if they believe that the book is being pirated. While this is a helpful step in protecting your book, it’s essential to be informed and notified by your publisher or agent whenever they do so.

If they haven’t, take a closer look at your title, series name, and even your author name. Is there another book by another author with that same title? Is there another author with your same name? Is your book named after a popular imprint from a publisher, or maybe something like a movie or something close that perhaps Google is catching in its sweep for copyrighted material?

Was your book perhaps pirated in a collection that housed other authors who did send in a DMCA takedown request to get the collection removed?

As an author, your book is your property, and any infringement on your rights should not be taken lightly. Understanding DMCA requests and the reasons behind the removal of your book’s search results is crucial to protecting your work. Always stay informed and communicate with your publisher or agent to ensure that any DMCA requests made on your behalf are valid and authorized. Remember, DMCA requests should be used to protect your rights and prevent piracy, not as a tool for suppression or competition. With these tips, you can navigate the DMCA landscape and ensure that your book’s search results are safe and secure.

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DMCA Takedown Service BookDefender
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