January 6, 2023

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What Services Do We Offer?

We are a takedown notice service. What that means is that we issue DMCA takedown notices to infringing websites, persons, and even web hosts should the need arise, notifying them of a copyright infringement. We don’t stop there. If they’re selling your books or asking for donations, we hit them where it hurts–their wallets. We also issue takedown notices to search engines requesting the link to the illegal copy be removed from their search results.

Other services I’ve used have limited the number of notifications they issue per month and charge me extra for more. Do you?

No. Our packages have no monthly infringement notification limits. You simply pay for the number of ebooks (each book you have written), and we take care of the rest. That means it doesn’t matter if you have three books released or one hundred, we don’t restrict the number of requests sent to pirate sites/search engines.

The last place I was with used automated services, do you?

BookDefender has a human look at every single pirated link and infringement that we find to verify it is indeed infringing, and we issue the takedown notice. A machine doesn’t. We provide a human touch to everything we do. You’re not just a number to us. You’re a small business owner, and a creator who we know has enough things on your plate to deal with. Piracy shouldn’t be one of them.

Do you offer monthly reports so I can see what it is BookDefender has been doing for me?

We do! To start, you’ll get a report twice a month during the initial clean-up sweep. We have a client portal area of our website that is dedicated to housing your reports for you in an easy-to-find and easy-to-access location.

Can you guarantee that your service will take down any and all of my copyrighted work being pirated on the web?

No. You should be skeptical of any service that makes this claim. Some sites will not remove copyrighted material, no matter what. We work hard to find workarounds to make it hard for them to operate and even harder for persons looking to read pirated work to find copies of your material.

FAQ Book defender DMCA takedown service IG
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