June 23, 2021

Client Portal Step 1

Instructions on how to access your reports via the new client portal. 

Step One: Click on CLIENT PORTAL on the top menu of the BookDefender website. 

Client Portal Step 1

Client Portal Step 2

Step Two: Input your username and password. You are able to request a password reset if you have forgotten or lost it. (just click having trouble)

Step Three: You will see the dashboard of the client portal. Click the FILES folder. 

Client Portal Step  3

Client Portal Step 4

Step Four: You will see a folder that says SHARED WITH ME. Click it! 

Step Five: You will see a folder that says REPORTS. Click it! 

Client Portal Step  5

Client Portal Step  6

Step Six: You will see a folder that says 2021. Click it! Here you will find your current report(s). 

Have questions? Click the @ MESSAGING button within the Client Portal Dashboard.

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