September 12, 2023

Spartan Book Warrior

No Books for Crooks: Deterring Ebook Pirates Across the Social Media Seas

As an author in today’s digital age, you’re pouring your heart and soul into writing only to have your hard work stolen, which is an unfortunate reality. Ebook piracy continues to run rampant across the internet, and social media platforms have become the latest hotspots for copyright infringements. If you’ve found pirated copies of your books being shared on sites like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, this post will cover the steps you need to take – and services you can use – to reclaim control over your intellectual property online.

As an author, finding pirated copies of your books being freely distributed on social media is a frustrating and far too common occurrence. But luckily, you can take action to reclaim your stolen intellectual property. This guide will walk through the DMCA takedown process for removing unauthorized ebook copies from major social media platforms – and explain how services like BookDefender can help save you time and stress.

Understanding the DMCA Takedown Process

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) makes it illegal for others to distribute your copyrighted content without permission. To have infringing posts removed, you must file a DMCA takedown notice with the following info:

  • Proof of copyright ownership (registration helps)
  • Identifying details about the stolen work
  • Contact information for filing the complaint
  • Affidavit swearing to the validity of the claim

Each site has its own submission process but generally complies within 10-14 days. Persistence is key.

Step-By-Step Social Media DMCA Takedown Instructions

Spartan Book Warrior


  1. Click the three dots and select “Report Post”
  2. Choose “Unauthorized use of intellectual property.”
  3. Provide email, infringement details, and proof of rights
  4. Check the box confirming you can file a complaint.
  5. Submit for review


  1. Tap 3 dots and select “Report”
  2. Choose “Unauthorized intellectual property use”
  3. Enter email, complaint details, and confirmation of authority.
  4. Check the box stating you can file a report.
  5. Submit for takedown review


  1. Tap share icon and select “Report”
  2. Choose “Copyright infringement”
  3. Explain infringement in Description box
  4. Tap “Report” to submit for takedown

Rinse and repeat persistently to protect all your works.

Save Time With Takedown Services

Filing all these notices yourself means hours spent playing whack-a-mole against countless infringements. This is where utilizing a service like BookDefender can reclaim your time while still safeguarding your creations.

BookDefender’s experts know the DMCA system inside-out, saving you frustration.

Don’t let ebook pirates chip away at your livelihood. Use the DMCA process to strike back against intellectual property theft – or let BookDefender’s dedicated team win the fight for you. Your words, your worth.

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