January 8, 2024

BookDefender DMCA Takedown Service 9

As an indie author in the digital age, gaining online book sales is crucial, but so is preventing those sales from being lost to illegal downloading. It can feel like an uphill battle, but there are tangible strategies you can implement to maximize legitimate sales channels while discouraging piracy.

Offer Ebook Bundles

Consider bundling your ebook with other titles to create an attractive package for readers. Platforms like BookFunnel allow streaming bundled books from the author’s site, disincentivizing piracy by offering a good deal.

Incentivize Honest Reviews

Tools like NetGalley, Booksprout, and StoryOrigin can provide review copies in exchange for verified reviews. This facilitates more engagement with genuine fans.

Use Social Proof

Displaying reviews and sales badges on your site makes it clear that supporting you legally is the norm, not the exception.

Hire a DMCA Takedown Service like BookDefender

Going after major pirate sites to try removing your stolen books feels fruitless, given the websites often reappear under new names or hosts. Instead, make it easy and rewarding for readers to obtain and enjoy your books legitimately. It can take valuable time from your writing and other author-related tasks. Consider hiring a service like BookDenfender to handle your DMCA Takedown needs.

BookDefender DMCA Takedown Service 9
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