June 18, 2023

4 Ways to Fight Back Against Ebook Pirates

4 Ways to Fight Back Against Ebook Pirates

As an author, there could be nothing more discouraging than to discover that your hard-earned work has been stolen and is now being distributed illegally by ebook pirates. Not only does piracy devalue your work, but it also deprives you of well-deserved revenue. However, thanks to the DMCA Takedown Service offered by BookDefender, there is hope for fighting back against these illegal activities.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss 4 ways in which you can protect your books and combat ebook pirates.

Register your work

Before you can file for a DMCA takedown notice, you need to register your content with the appropriate authorities. The United States Copyright Office is the best option to register your work formally. Once you have successfully registered your work, you can file a DMCA takedown notice.

File a DMCA takedown notice

A DMCA takedown notice is a powerful tool that can help you keep pirates at bay. It’s a legal notice that you can issue to websites or online platforms that are violating your copyright claims. This can lead to the swift removal of your contents for good or action against the violators. BookDefender DMCA takedown service let you focus on writing your books, not hunting down pirates.

Retrofit your website

If you have a website or sell your books on an e-commerce website such as Amazon, consider retrofitting your website to prevent piracy. You can use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to restrict downloading of your content, which will ensure that only those who purchased your book can access it.

Spread the word

Let your readers know that ebook piracy takes food away from your table as an author. If they truly value your work, they can support your noble efforts by purchasing your content legally. Creating a good rapport with your fellow authors can also help you stay updated on piracy and form a collective to combat piracy.

Dealing with ebook pirates can be a daunting task for authors, but with the help of BookDefender’s DMCA takedown service, fighting piracy has never been easier. Working with BookDefender is an excellent way to stay ahead of pirates and protect your work in the long run. Contact us today to discuss how we can combat piracy effectively.

4 Ways to Fight Back Against Ebook Pirates
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